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Review: Yuri Wells – Hayloft Project

Tucked away in a freight container at the back of the Garden, this alluring show packs some hidden punches, or perhaps not so hidden if you read the show blurb.

I hadn’t. All I had was a recommendation and some odd mumblings about an aged care nurse. Indeed Yuri Wells the title character in this one man show is an aged care nurse, he has a good relationship with his boss, and finds it difficult when his patients die. He also kidnapps a girl and puts her in a chest.

This delicate beautiful work of theatre is oddly easy going. Yuri Wells is so likeable and performed so winningly that despite the horror of this situation there is still a lot of love in the room.

It is this odd love that is most unsettling. And also why I applaud this work.

Recommended for those that like challenging and beautiful work.

Show watched 12th March 2010. Playing through the Adelaide Fringe.

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