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Review: The Hamlet Apocalypse – Danger Ensemble

Part physical theatre part meditation on mortality, this unique production contrasts the actors own mortality with the themes of death and loss found in Hamlet.

Using a countdown we understand that the end of the world is approaching and willing or otherwise this set of six physical theatre performers find themselves playing Hamlet.

It certainly helps to know Hamlet as the scenes whip by in raid procession. Personally I liked this, it’s a part of the joy of watching good physical theatre performers strut their stuff.

And indeed it is these self aware intensely honest performances that really grab you in this production. I’m not entirely sure they have managed to add anything great to the cannon of Hamlet, yet this original concept is entirely praiseworthy as much for where they succeeded as they didn’t. This is one of those rare exceptions in the fringe, where despite limited resources this small theatre troupe have created art from performance.

Recommended for those that know Hamlet, or have enjoyed physical theatre.

Show watched 10th March 2010. Playing through the Adelaide fringe.

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