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Review: The Flu Season – Vena Cava

Take a simple set-up, a man and a woman are in a facility where they are being treated by a Doctor and a Nurse for unknown concerns. Add a dose of love – the man and the woman fall in love. Then sprinkle with old man cynicism – the love goes sour.

And what do you have? Well – The Flu Season is one of those plays that catches you unaware. Like you’re playing a game a friendly game of touch football, it’s fun, you’re running about, you get to touch girls, then suddenly someone kicks you in the bollocks. It was an accident of course, but the shear shock of it jolts you into a giddiness where you want to go and have a lie down for a while.

Fortunately for you, if you’re lucky enough to catch this play, when this kick comes, you wont be caught with you pants down.

Indeed The Flu Season is at times a fun ride with a wistful humour, and at others a dose of cough mixture. Such material is difficult to pull off. However the students at QUT have done well showing an alertness to the text atypical for such a youthful cast.

This production is not perfect by any stretch, however, it is some of the best student theatre one can expect to see. It is an opportunity to see young people being pulled and stretched, sometimes beyond their skills, sometimes rising to the challenge. And I, for one, had a great time.

Recommended for lovers and haters alike.

Show watched 25th May 2010. Playing at The Studio, Kelvin Grove Campus, QUT until Saturday 29th.

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