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Review: The Event

Part lecture, part performance, part event this monologue on communication is both an ironic meta-narrative on theatre and intimacy, and an off beat farce of our own mundanity.

The man in the light is a stage actor, he says as much. Our willingness to believe this and everything else he says just because he is the man in the light becomes the text for the next hour. And indeed it is a humourous text at times litered with theatrical in jokes.

The real interest is in the sub-text. The creators are challenging our understanding of what can constitute a play. Indeed challenging other artists to use dramatic conventions to explore non-dramatic forms. The strength of the argument resting on the success of the play.

But was it a play? Sure, we were told as much by the man in the in the light.

Recommend for theatre audiences.

Show watched 11th March 2010.

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