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Review: Stockholm – Frantic Assembly @ La Boite Theatre

A couple, young and hip, the sort you’d be intensely jealous of were they not so sensuous and sexy (in equal doses) are planning a trip to Stockholm. But before they can get there they must first get past their own neuroses and jealousies.

This intense and deeply human two hander is a narration on love, neurosis, and co-dependency, all told through drama and dance – the text of the dance being that feeling you get when words escape you, and the only way you can express how you feel is to move – very appropriate when dealing with the subject of love.

It is a complex work, and yet at times very funny with a bawdy vitality more akin to a pub after everyone has had one too many drinks. I enjoyed this lowest common denominator humour and indeed for my mind it framed and humanised some of the seriousness that followed.

The production values are very high with a tangible design which reaches into the action forming and controlling the performers, almost capturing them in their roles.

Frantic Assembly in association with Sydney Theatre Company have devised a work of unabashed theatricality, a tipsy joy-ride into couple-dom.

Recommended for adults and couples.

Show watched 29th April, 2010. Playing until the 22nd of May

Stockholm @ La Boite

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