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Review: Sam Simmons – Fail

Fail, is the name of the show. Which is a guttsy move for a man more known as a stand up comedian, as it offers all those tired old critics a free swing, as it were.

Instead of a fail, what we get is an opportunity to see something fresh, funny, and heart felt.

The show is at once part stand up, part storytelling, and part absurdism. A corageous and worthwhile mixing of forms brought together by Sam’s winning charm and obvious on stage charisma. Different parts of the audience found different parts funny. I laughed most at the absurdism, although the gentleman beside me felt most comfortable to laugh during the more stand up elements.

And this perhaps then is the weakness of the show, the audiences expectation that from Sam all they can expect to see is another stand up gig.

I applaud Sam’s efforts to both tackle new material, that is personal for him, and for being willing to take us on a journey inside his darker more complex self.
I encourage you to see it with an open mind, a loved one, and a belly set for laughs. For, if you trust him, he will deliver.

Highly recommended for fans of theatre and stand up alike.

Show watched, 1st March. Garden of unearthly delights. Adelaide Fringe.

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