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Review: Rap Guide to Evolution – Baba Brinkman

The Rap Guide to Evolution is exactly that, a comedy show on evolution rapped in rhyme. And a fun time can by all, if you’ll only open your mind.

Honestly, I really don’t know a lot about Rap. The whole thing comes off a bit alien. But that’s the joy of this show. Baba’s wit and clarity of thought both impresses and informs. I went from a Rap virgin in Baba’s capable hands to Gangster hip.

The teen girls in the front row mirrored my own learning curve only they came for the Rap and learnt about evolution.

Indeed Baba really knows his stuff, this secular monk draws parallels we can all understand, to take our hand on this narrative of scientific thought. He is a friendly on the battlefield of creationism vs evolution explaining it to us so we don’t feel like a drongo.

But it is his deaply humanistic ideals that is the real pleasure. Standing up and rapping for our common humanity. Bravo.

If you want to know more about rap or evolution, or how they inform each other, I highly recommend this show.

Show watched 13th March 2010. Playing at the Adelaide Fringe.

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