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Review: Phillip Escoffey – 6 Impossible Things to do Before Dinner.

I’ve never seen a mentalist before, except on tv, so I’m not really in a position to exclaim how wonderful or crap the mentalising of 6 Impossible Things is. However I do know delight, and the delight one gets from the 6 impossible things in 6 Impossible Things is, well, delightful.

It’s that same wonder one gets as from watching a master illusionist, an expert puppeteer, or fireworks. There’s something almost childish or innocent about it all.

We know it’s some trick, but we don’t care. And this is primarily why 6 Impossible Things is so good, it gives us permission to just be kids again and enjoy a small wonder even if our adult brains must attempt to figure it all out after the show.

Easily accessible and fun show recommend for all those who like to wonder about the world we live in.

Show watched on Wednesday 3rd March, 2010.

Playing at the Garden as a part of the Adelaide Fringe.

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