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Review: Man Covets Bird – Slingsby Theatre Company

O boy. I have a distinct feeling that through this review I’m going to come off as if a gushing schoolgirl.

There is just so much that is right about Man Covets Bird that even now in the post show reflections I’m still caught up in the shear beauty and profoundity of this work.

This one man, three minstrel, show tells the story of an almost-man and of the bird he saves. It is a story of growing up, of longing, and of daring. But it is O such grand and wonderous daring!

Set in a pre-technology world, people work all day in factories, press meaningless buttons or pull meaningless chains, without talking, without interaction. It is a world stripped of music and life, save for our hero’s bird.

At the show’s close the audience, myself included, sat entranced, not wanting to leave the space. Still wanting to be near the joy they had experienced.

I can not recommend this show enough. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket, savour this experience.

Suitable for all.

Show watched 7th March 2010, playing at the Adelaide Festival.

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