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Review: Le Garcon Neurotique – Josh Cameron

This high energy one man show grabs you by the curlies and doesn’t let go. This adult comedy tells the story of a high-strung up-market cocktail waiter in what appears to be yet another day in a job he hates, with a boss he can’t impress, where despite his best efforts he just can’t get anything right.

Although the people laughing loudest I feared were those that had worked in hospitality before, this show struck a broad grin on my face from beginning to end.

It is to his credit that Josh Cameron credit has been able to turn this waiter’s torment into such an entertaining show. You can just imagine the performer working any number of shifts just like this one before he got the idea for this show.

It is theatre seemingly born out of the wonderful banality of everyday life and for this reason it is a real treat.

Recommended for the young and the fun.

Show watched 6th March 2010.

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