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Review: Fat Pig – QTC

This tricky piece – tricky because you don’t want to be too heavy handed with the subject material – is a somewhat refreshing attempt to bring some levity to an otherwise taboo topic – being overweight. With Australia no so long since being named the fattest nation in the world (ref The Age) it clearly seemed a timely opportunity to reflect back to us a bit of ourselves at our worse.

In this vein, a successful handsome young man meets and starts dating an over-weight young woman. How do we know she’s overweight? Well she makes several very tasteful jokes about it, that each draw laughs and girlish sighs in equal measure. Slowly they start to fall in love. The young woman is warm and charming and sexy, and yet, well, a fat pig – or at least we are led to believe she is from the young man’s mate, and ex, who each can’t stand the notion of him dating a fat girl. And indeed go to great lengths to mock and ridicule their friend. Some of the funnest and funniest moments can be found during these scenes.

But here-in lies its weakness. For an issues play it just doesn’t quite ring true. For although it did sit uncomfortably with me, it wasn’t because it challenged any notions of body shape, but instead because it didn’t quite accurately reflect the sorts of things men might think and say about an overweight woman. From the way other men in the audience were reacting, I feel I wasn’t alone in this view.

That said, women in the audience had a great time, and many said as much after the play was finished. The play seemed to be able to speak to them in ways that I just missed. Maybe my reservations are old man cynicism or perhaps more simply the play just isn’t aimed at me.

Despite these comments, I still had a good time, and certainly I applaud QTC’s choice. Indeed I would encourage girls looking for a show to go with their mates to pop along and see it.

Show watched. Preview. 31st May 2010.

Playing at the Billie Brown Studio until 26th June.

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