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Review: Dr Brown in Behaves – Philip Burgers.

Dr Brown is a very naughty clown. First to dispel any confusion – when I say clown I’m not talking red nose and floppy ear kind that you see at kids parties, I’m talking stage clown, a performance craft dedicated to making us laugh through the sheer absurdity of the world they see.

Whether it be through sharing a banana with an audience member, having a cup of tea with a spoon to big, or playing homoerotic cluedo with yourself, Dr Brown gave the funniest and funnest night at the theatre I’ve had so far this fringe.

If you’ve never seen a great theatre clown before, see this show, if you’ve seen a great theatre clown before and thought you’ve seen it all, see this show, because Dr Brown is better.

Show watched 10th March 2010. Playing through the Adelaide Fringe.

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