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Review: Boy Girl Wall by the Escapists

Boy Girl Wall is a pleasingly innocent tale of love and chasing your passions, a one man show of youthful indiscretion and second chances. It is a whimsy, spoken with honesty and love, about … well … honesty and love. Indeed, the passions of the creators and characters alike, each set a warm smile on your face that lasts from beginning to end.

It is told with the aid of sock puppets, chalk, an OHP, and a romantic wall … this simplicity of production matching the simple joy in watching it.

This understated show speaks to that best part us, the longing within all of us for a brighter tomorrow. I throughly enjoyed myself and hope you do to.

Suitable for anyone who has been in love.

Show watched Friday 5th March.

Playing at the Garden as a part of the Adelaide Fringe 2010.

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