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Review: Best We Forget – isthisyours?

Part lecture, part forum, partc storytelling, part theatre – Best We Forget is an unusual show just right for the fringe, where original theatrical concepts can get an airing. As best as I can tell, it seems to be a process drama, that being one where through various rehearsal techniques the participants bring their real life experience into making the drama. As far as this sort of work is concerned, it’s about as good as I’ve seen. However my instinct tells me by using process drama isthisyours? have got a work far less accessible then perhaps they were aiming for.

Where it works is in the three twenty something women on stage and the seemingly personal stories they tell of themselves. It achieves it’s best moments in a few brief dramatisations of interesting points on memory – forgetfulness then being the theme which holds the work together.

I did like the work as much for the creators courage and honesty, as for what they had to say about forgetting. That said this seems a bit of a show for other theatre makers, people who are going to have the requisite theatre baggage to digest and appreciate what they’re seeing.

I do recommend it if you think you’re up for this challenge, memory has facinated you, or you wish to try an unusual theatre experience this fringe.

Show watched 9th March 2010. Playing through the Adelaide Fringe 2010.

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