Trump and the American Dream

The Dream: that anyone can be wealthy and successful by virtue of hard work and sacrifice with little or no assistance.

Today feels like one of those days. Mr Trump has been elected President of the US. It matters because of the kind of campaign he has run. There were two key characteristics: a complete lack of shame and a willingness to pander to whomever to get into power.

This resulted in a misogynistic caricature of a man who promised a return to the glory days of US hegemonic power, and implicitly aligned that with the patriarchy of which he was self anointed head. It was a campaign in which he was willing to attack and blame everyone except his own kind. A campaign which was the culmination of a relentlessly forged narrative of success, of the self-made man, of the personification of the American Dream.

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Monopoly …

Dear Convergence Review,

You wouldn’t let a single person own every home or part of every home in Australia, not even every home in a single city. Why not? Well it would make us all slaves to the owner. Getting them fixed only when the owner agreed, having to live in the type of place best for the owner, and paying whatever rent the owner wished. Even if we were allowed to own homes we wouldn’t be able to afford it, we wouldn’t have any hope of breaking out of the system.

Like wise we don’t let single individuals or companies have own over all manner of things where the public benefit is at stake.

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