Who are you?

Hey. I’m a writer. I live in Brisbane, Australia – the wackiest town I know. I care about progressive ideals, about accuracy and honesty, about beautifully crafted language and creative ideas.

I approach the political domain with an informed scepticism, and the scientific with a sense of wonder.

I try to do some bit of good everyday. I believe in the power of hope, the willingness the young to see past surface differences, and the everyday common purpose of civilisation to make life better for those who live within it.

What kind of stuff do you write?

I write a range of stuff, from Contemporary Australian, to Science Fiction, to Magic Realism.

I write uncommon stories, counter narratives to the everyday myths that go unchallenged.

I write within the con-flux of longing and fear. I write stories of grand dreams and desperate undertakings of loathing and love. Occasionally I’m accused of being funny.

Why do you write?

To keep my mind on track.

To keep one step falling in front of the other.

To engage in a protracted discussion with myself.

Because ideas don’t exist until someone writes them down.

Because without it life opens before me like a quiet void of sorrow.

Because it is always as much of a discovery for me as it is for the reader.

Because it is the most difficult think I know.

Don’t you know that nobody reads anymore?

Fair point.

What are you writing?

I’ll put together a list of current projects soon.

Where can I find you online?

Literally right here. You found me!

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