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About this Blog

Writing is the task of engaging in an ongoing conversion with ever less naive versions of yourself. With this in mind, if any individual post is not clear it is because my thoughts are not clear. Indeed, naivety is the ultimate framework with which in I am writing, and this site is best read with that in mind.

And yet writing has a dual nature, it is not simply the act of self-awareness, is also the act of connection; if my private journal then is one side of a writing coin, this blog is the other public-facing side.

It is my attempt to connect to that inner monologue of thoughts and reflections about the world and our place in it:

  • about our technologies and the impacts they are having on the world and on us and the way we interact with each other;
  • about our common future and the risks introduced by the complex and powerful kinds of technologies we have invented;
  • about art, about the writing process, about that common practice of living which is culture; and,
  • about shared hopes, with those who also think and write and journal and dream.

I hope that this blog will seed the introspective and analytical and creative parts all of myself upon. To this, I will — from time to time — talk about works I’m writing or works that have been released into the public.

I am not taking a position of authority, instead, I am claiming a position of query, a position of introspection, of connection, of linking together those understandings in the public domain, to find new understandings to see the world as grey and complex as it really is.