On Principle

This selection of writing is my attempt to describe story, myth, language and art. I think that a knowledge of these things can help us understand their uses and abuses in politics and life. Let us raise the level of public conversation, let us raise ourselves.

Recent Articles

Richard Walter on Screenwriting: Lessons, Five Years On

Some time ago I attended Richard Walter's Public Lecture on Screenwriting held presented by AFTRS, Griffith Film School and Inscription. Five years later I'm coming back to the lessons I took away. How do they hold up? Why in particular did this lessons land for me? How has my writing ...
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On Starting Each Day

I once heard a writer - I forget who - comment that there is an endless possibility of success if we never finish a work, and - for my mind - this is doubly so if we never start. If we never start we never have to face our own ...
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I Literally Dislike this Word

Literally, adverb. The primary or intended meaning of a verb. This word plagues common speech. In part it helps us solve the dilemma of how to describe uncommon events in a public speech overwrought with the embossing and adornment of hyperbole, however it is fraught with risk. Let us consider ...
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Trump and the American Dream

Today feels like one of those days. Mr Trump has been elected President of the US. It matters because of the kind of campaign he has run. There were two key characteristics: a complete lack of shame and a willingness to pander to whomever to get into power. This resulted in ...
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