Hi, I’m Glen

I’m a writer, activist, runner and art lover. I’m currently writing a novel. Here I’ll be musing on story, myth, language, art and politics.

My focus is on the construction of story and narrative, and how it pertains to writing uncommon fiction. That is fiction that challenges the normalised narratives of our daily lives.

I’ll also show how a knowledge of story, myth and language can help us understand it’s uses and abuses politics and life. I’ll show how we can read public discourse in this light and how we are better able to hold those in the public sphere to a higher standard.

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Recent Articles

I Literally Dislike this Word

Literally, adverb. The primary or intended meaning of a verb. This word plagues common speech. In part it helps us solve the dilemma of how to describe uncommon events in a public speech overwrought with the embossing and adornment of hyperbole, however it is fraught with risk. Let us consider ...
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Trump and the American Dream

Today feels like one of those days. Mr Trump has been elected President of the US. It matters because of the kind of campaign he has run. There were two key characteristics: a complete lack of shame and a willingness to pander to whomever to get into power. This resulted in ...
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Passing of a Writer

And I have read that Terry Pratchett passed away. He was one of three great English writers - that got me into the whole words on page thing. They are Roald Dahl, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. All three of them had an off-kilter way of satirising through fantasy elements. All three of them ...
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then, than – explained

THEN Used for time and space.
  • We had fried chips then went for a jog.
  • There were six red dots then two blue ones.
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